A Glamorous Designer Bathroom with Luxurious Freestanding Bathtub and LED Lighting..

Unexpected Ways to Elevate the Bath 

Baths are one of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate.  While upgrading cabinetry, a toilet, tub, or shower makes an instant impact on the space, there are other more subtle upgrades that elevate the bath.  Check out these unexpected ways to elevate a bath space. 

Modern loft style apartment with contemporary interior, including a bathroom with a basin, shower cabin, large mirror, and chrome silver heater or towel radiator against a grey wall.
Modern loft-style bathroom with a floating vanity, round mirror, glass shower stall,
and  towel warmer against a grey wall.

 Bring the Heat  

The bath is an intimate space where warmth and comfort are highly valued by homeowners.  In fact, for people who live in regions where temperatures dip below freezing in the winter, features like towel warmers and heated floors are easy-to-sell upgrades during bath renovations.  Towel warmers are available in a wide range of options that can be either hardwired or plugged into an outlet.  Most models take 10 to 15 minutes to heat up and automatically switch off after a set time.  Heated floors in a bath are an unexpected luxury that people love in their homes. Heated floors are not only more comfortable than cold floors but are also more energy-efficient than traditional forced-air heating systems because they heat the floor directly rather than heating the air.  Floor heating systems allow homeowners to create their own unique schedule for turning the floor heating on and off throughout the day.    

Task Lighting & Power’s Angle Power Strip utilizes the space under a medicine cabinet for added power.

 Hidden power 

As the number of personal care products has grown, so has the need to provide power in the bath.  Electric toothbrushes, water flossers, and hair appliances are just a few of the many products that require power.  Using angle power strips from Task Lighting and Power, you can add up to four tamper-resistant outlets tucked away inside a cabinet or under a side countertop.  

Bathroom drawer open with hair dyer and curling iron that is plugged into outlet inside of the drawer.
Powered Vanity Drawer from Hardware Resources adds hidden power that automatically shuts off when the drawer is closed.

Another option for bringing hidden power to the bath is by installing a powered vanity drawer, which converts a standard bath vanity drawer into a hair styling workstation.  This clever innovation simply plugs into an outlet (GFCI recommended) behind the vanity, so installation is easy.  Users can leave their hair styling tools plugged in without worry because power to the outlets is automatically shut off when the drawer is closed.   

A smart bathroom mirror with built-in LED lights and voice-activated features.

Light and Sound 

Lighting innovations like tunable-white lighting can make a major impact in a bath space.  The ability to adjust from soft 2700K light all the way to 5000K bright daylight at the touch of a button or by asking a smart home control device is very helpful when getting ready for the day especially during the fall and winter when the days are short, and sunrise is later. Users can adjust the bath light to mimic daylight when choosing their clothing or applying make-up, so their color choices for the day are seen in the best light. In the evening, bath lighting can be scheduled to gradually dim to create an evening routine that helps people wind down for a better night’s sleep.  Smart mirrors are offered with dimmable LED lights and defogging settings.  More advanced smart mirror models feature fully interactive touch screens and Bluetooth connectivity that will allow users to listen to music or podcasts while in the bath.   

Incorporating these features adds value to the bath design.  While they may not provide an immediate visual upgrade to the space, they enhance the functionality and the comfort for the user.  Sometimes it’s the ‘hidden gems’ that make a space a sanctuary.   

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