9 Closet Organizers to Help Get Ready for Summer

Beat the heat. Soak up the sun. Organize a closet. Whaatt???
We admit people are thinking more about road trips, cruise ships, and flip flops than closets at this time of year. So why are we bringing them up? Because your clients have probably experienced the disappointment of pulling linen garments out of an unorganized and crowded closet only to find out they’re too wrinkled to wear. Or they’ve regretted wasting time feeling their way past wool sweaters and velvet blazers to unearth a favorite summer tank or pair of chinos.

So how can you help your clients create closets that showcase and place their favorite warm-weather gear within easy reach? Well, you’ve come to the right place for advice. Because when it comes to beautifully organized closets, we have lots of ideas—along with the products—to make them happen. To coin a phrase: Let me count the ways.

1. Adjustable Laundry Valet

Laundry Valet in use
Polished Chrome Adjustable Laundry Valet

Help homeowners keep their linen and silk garments wrinkle-free by installing an adjustable laundry valet that holds up to six hangers (and folds flat when not in use). By keeping lightweight summer fashions separated, wrinkles don’t get set in place. This heavy-duty steel valet comes in satin nickel, polished chrome, or brushed oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

2. Screw-Mounted Tie Rack

296T-PC in use
Polished Chrome 11″ Screw Mounted Tie Rack

Although originally designed for ties, this 11-inch-long rack is functional hardware at its best, keeping everything from statement necklaces to super-fine chokers tangle-free and in plain sight. And that makes it easier to accessorize. Choose between brushed oil-rubbed bronze or polished-chrome finishes.

3. 10-Compartment Jewelry Organizer

JD1-24R-BL installed
10 Compartment Black Felt Jewelry Organizer with Ring Insert Drawer Kit

Help your clients safeguard their good jewelry, dress watches, and silk ties with one or more 24-inch-wide felt-covered jewelry organizers. Made of solid wood, these organizers feature Dura-Close soft-close sides to prevent pinched fingers. Choose between gray and black felt.

4. Telescoping Valet Rod

355V-PC in use
Polished Chrome 14″ Telescoping Valet Rod

You probably can’t turn that closet into a Downton Abbey dressing room, but you can install a valet rod that makes it easier to get dressed for the day—or night. This 14-inch-long telescoping valet rod (which comes in polished-chrome or oil-rubbed bronze finishes) extends outward so a homeowner can hang up clothing and accessories, stand back, and evaluate the results.

5. Revolving Boot and Shoe Rack

61″ Rotating Shoe and Boot Rack for Closet System

Help them keep footwear in plain sight and off the floor. Our Revolving Boot and Shoe Rack pulls out of the closet and pivots 180 degrees to allow easy access to every pair of heels, flats, and sandals in the collection. Optional plastic liners keep footwear clean and ready to wear. BTW: This shoe rack swings all the way around, so your client can choose which side (with which pairs of shoes) goes in front.


6. Shoe Fences

SF17-PC in use
Chrome 17″ Shoe Fence for Shelving

Help clients treat their favorite summer shoes and handbags like art—by displaying them gallery-style. Our 17-inch-long wire shoe fences (in dark bronze, satin nickel, and chrome finishes) attach to shelves to keep color-splashed accessories in plain sight as well as securely stashed.

7. Double Ceiling Hook

RH04 in use
Double Ceiling Hook

Make better use of vertical space inside that new or remodeled closet by installing double ceiling hooks. Available in polished-chrome or satin-nickel finishes, these double hooks will keep fashionable summer handbags clean and off the floor.

8. Expanding Wardrobe Lift

1521 down in use
Chrome and Black 33″- 48″ Expanding Wardrobe Lift

Make the most of storage space near the ceiling by incorporating our heavy-duty steel Expanding Wardrobe Lift into the master closet. A twist-and-lock adjustable pole lets the homeowner pull the clothes rod down to a manageable height. This side-mount lift boasts a 45-pound weight capacity, with an integrated soft-close that ensures smooth operation going up or coming down. Choose from two lift sizes: a 25½- to 35-inch expansion and a 33- to 48-inch expansion.

9. Pullout Hamper

Chrome 14″ Pullout Hamper

Give their dream closet a short-term home for damp clothing and wet swimsuits by installing a pullout hamper with carry handles. This lightweight hamper features a 19-inch long heavy-duty black nylon bag with divided sections for easy sorting. Mesh sides keep clothes ventilated. Choose between two sizes (18X23 inches and 14X17 inches) and three finishes: dark bronze, satin nickel, and chrome

Closing Thoughts
Now that you’ve seen what our closet organizers can do, let me pass on a few more tips to share with your clients.

  • Keep heat and humidity in mind when you’re reorganizing closet for summer. Move heavy sweaters, suits, and outerwear to other storage locations to let summer fashions breathe.
  • Summer garments are often made of sheer, delicate, and/or wrinkle-prone fabric, so be sure to choose hangers that won’t snag the fabric or create ugly shoulder bumps.
  • Separate playful summer footwear (e.g. rubber flip-flops) from leather lace-up shoes and wedges worn for special occasions. The latter belong on shelves or in our revolving shoe rack. The former (probably covered with sand) can be tossed in a colorful bucket in the mudroom.

Happy Summer!
Maria Sanchez, Product Manager for Hardware Resources

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