Smart Closet Organization Tips

There’s a teachable moment on the horizon. And that moment is all about your clients’ need to change out their closets from winter (think wool sweaters, insulated jackets, and boots) to spring (silks, linens, cottons, and sandals). Because who doesn’t organize her closet every spring, and then think, “I never want to have to do this again!” (Heck, even Gwyneth Paltrow is talking about it on!)

Designing a closet that eliminates the monotony of swapping out clothes every time seasons change is a dream for everyone that’s had to do it, which is everyone who has a closet. To help turn that dream into reality for your clients, here are some smart ideas using some of the most innovative closet organizers available from Hardware Resources.

Luxurious walk in closet with lighting and jewelry display.

Drawers: As a designer, you already know one of the big kitchen storage trends is to use deep drawers—instead of cabinets—to store dishes, cookware, and food. That’s because pulling contents toward you is easier on the bod than kneeling on the floor and reaching inside. Likewise, in the clothing closet, guide your clients in choosing solid-wood drawer box with dovetail corner joints and sturdy chrome slides. And be sure to include fabric-covered drawer organizers, which are ideal for keeping lingerie and hosiery snag-free and accessible.

Double Closet Rods: Although Gwyneth needs to worry about her red-carpet wardrobe, your clients may be more likely to wear separates than evening gowns. Doubling up on closet rods within the same vertical space (go at least 84 inches high) will give your clients more flexibility to group his or her clothes by season, color, or usage (such as work vs. casual). A row of these units will make getting dressed easier and keep the closet from looking cluttered, thanks to fewer hangers per rod.

Shoe Shelving: Back in the day everyone used over-the-door pocket shoe organizers or racks on the floor to store footwear—and called it a day. But today’s homeowners prefer walk-in closets with sturdy shoe shelving that accommodates heels, boots, sandals, and pumps. Shoe shelving saves time and energy. And for some clients, a wall of shelving filled with trendy shoes (Carrie Bradshaw, anyone?) is a work of art.

But hey…we wouldn’t be Hardware Resources if we didn’t show you even more ideas for helping your clients with their closet woes. Check out these game-changing products.

Wardrobe Lift

chrome wardrobe lift SC closed

No more standing on tippy-toes to reach clothes on the highest rod. Our Expanding Wardrobe Lift includes a twist-and-lock pole that brings the rod—and all the hanging clothes—down to where she’s standing. Another benefit: Instead of stashing out-of-season clothing in the basement or guest bedroom, she can keep it in the master closet—up high and out of the way until it’s needed again.

Rotating Shoe and Boot Rack


Now consumers can keep footwear in plain sight—which makes it easier and faster to get ready for work or play. Our Rotating Shoe and Boot Rack for Closet System pulls out of the closet and smoothly pivots 180 degrees to allow easy access to every pair of heels, flats, and boots in the collection.

Pullout Pant Rack


Prevent pants from being thrown over chairs by adding a Pant Rack for 14” Deep Closet System to the master closet. It keeps pants and slacks visible, organized, accessible, and wrinkle-free. And it comes in three on-trend finishes: Dark Bronze, Satin Nickel, and Polished Chrome.

Pullout Belt & Tie Racks



Mounted on push-to-open slides, this 14” Belt Rack and 14” Tie Rack (it works nicely for scarves, too) come in Dark Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Satin Nickel to suit your clients’ style. With these racks, your clients can see what they have to choose from in a single glance

Adjustable Laundry Valet

Laundry Valet in use

Your clients will love being able to set out their outfits for the office or date night on a 6-hole Adjustable Laundry Valet attached to the closet wall. This accessory comes in Satin Nickel, Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Polished Chrome to match other hardware or fixtures in the master suite.

Pullout Hamper


Add this Plastic Pullout Hamper with Lid (with a chrome pullout system) to their master closet and save the floor from damp or dirty clothes. The 100-pound extension slides mean this baby can hold a lot of laundry!

Any and all of these products will help homeowners take better care of their wardrobes and stay organized year-round. Have we missed anything? What types of closet problems have you solved lately? What is your favorite closet design tip? What closet accessory do your clients name as their favorite? Tell us everything!

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