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Tunable White Lighting is Here for the Health of Homeowners and Designers Alike

The importance of color temperature in ambient lighting should not be overlooked when designing your clients’ homes. Lighting color temperature is measured in degrees of Kelvin or K to describe the look and feel of the light produced by a light source, in a typical home it is found between 2700K and 5000K. Daylight White lighting (or 5000 Kelvin) appears the closest to the peak of a sunny day. This lighting is helpful for completing projects or hobbies such as cooking, reading or knitting. Whereas, Warm White lighting (2700K) is cozier and better for relaxation. In many studies, lighting temperature has been found to impact mood, behavior, sleep, appetite, memory and more.

It is often said that looking at the blue light emitted by your phone’s screen before bed can disrupt sleep. This is also true of exposure to the daylight white lighting in the evening, which ends up reducing the amount of time spent in the REM stage of sleep. By using tunable white lighting in a home, the lighting can be adjusted to cool white during the daytime to help increase productivity and warm ambient lighting at nighttime to help your clients prepare for a restful night of sleep.

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Task Lighting has introduced its new TandemLED™ tunable white lighting product to make it simple to match natural lighting indoors, whether it be in the daytime or the evening. Now you may have heard of CCT (correlated color temperature) lighting before, but you haven’t seen tunable white lighting done like TandemLED. TandemLED Lighting is the first practical and reasonably priced tunable white lighting system. And, unlike other CCT products on the market, TandemLED Lighting installs easily on a two-wire system using patent-pending technology.


So, just what makes lighting tunable? Tunable white lighting means you can adjust the Kelvin temperature from Warm White at 2700K to Daylight White at 5000K and anywhere in between. Beyond being tunable, TandemLED is also dimmable, meaning the lumen output of the lighting can be freely adjusted to enhance lighting to perform a task or you can dim lighting down to relax. The dimming and temperature functions operate independently of each other. For example, you can have lighting set to Warm White 2700K temperature anywhere from 1 to 100 percent brightness while maintaining the same Warm White light setting.

WAV Control Screen
Adjust color temperature as well as brightness in each zone.

TandemLED allows the homeowner the freedom to choose the white color temperature of their lighting and brightness they want, when they want it, no matter the activity or mood in their home. This lighting is perfect for full kitchen remodels and new home construction where backsplashes and countertops haven’t been picked out yet, as the lighting can be tuned after AFTER installation to match any color scheme.

TandemLED Lighting has all the Task Lighting advantages of UL Listing and backed by a 3-year warranty, 90+ CRI that provides a true color lighting experience and high lumen output. Additionally, TandemLED tape lighting has IP65 rated micro-waterproof coating, which helps protect against damage as well. And, the price of tunable white TandemLED Lighting is typically less than the price of a single white LED lighting from other manufacturers. Upon its premiere, TandemLED lighting is the kitchen cabinet industry’s best LED lighting.

WAV Control

Along with introducing TandemLED Lighting, Task Lighting has also rolled out WAV Smart Control™ devices to pair perfectly with it. WAV, short for Wireless App Voice, allows lighting to be controlled through a wireless controller, a Smart Home app for smartphones or by voice command through a Smart Home device and hub of choice, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, Apple HomePod and any Zigbee 3.0 compatible system available from several manufacturers.

So, get ready to wow your customers by letting them set the mood of the moment in their home with TandemLED Lighting and go hands-free with voice control using WAV Smart Control!

  1. Please send me average costs per lineal foot and a list of all products needed to complete say a total of 15 lineal ft. project. 3 separate cabinet runs.

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