Jeffrey Alexander Key Grande Gold Finish and Closet Rod in Laundry Room

The Swiss Army Knife Space of The Home

Homeowners have begun to recognize the laundry room space as more than just a place to do laundry.  Since the laundry room is commonly located adjacent to the garage or a side entry, it often becomes the primary entry and exit point for family members.  It’s the space where people transition from outdoors to indoors, so it becomes the drop zone for jackets, shoes, backpacks, sports equipment, and more. 

Pet owners have discovered that the laundry room, with its durable flooring and lack of floor clutter, is an ideal place for a pet bed, litter box, or pet supplies.  Designers are taking note of these lifestyle trends and are bringing new creative solutions to maximize the functionality of laundry rooms.   

Check out some of the clever thinking that is turning the laundry room into the ultimate Swiss Army Knife space in the home!  


Lighted Closet Rod and Lighted Power Strips add functionality to laundry room and helps accent cabinets from NorthPoint Cabinetry
Northpoint Cabinetry in Slate offers functionality and style

Cabinetry in the laundry room needs to be both durable and multipurpose, but it can be difficult to justify the expense of custom cabinetry for a laundry room.  Many designers have discovered that cabinet solutions like NorthPoint Cabinetry® are ideal for laundry rooms.  NorthPoint Cabinetry is a line of QuickBuildcabinets that offers a clean, finished look inside and out.  Engineered for fast, easy assembly with solid wood construction, elegant dovetail joints, reinforced corners, and pocket screws, NorthPoint Cabinetry sets a new standard for quality, custom-look cabinetry.   Learn more at  


Designers have been borrowing some of the best ideas in organization from the kitchen to enhance the functionality of the laundry room.  The Storage with Style® line from Hardware Resources offers pullout baskets that are perfect for storing laundry room supplies above the washing machine.  These soft-close metal pullout baskets can be mounted to the floor of the cabinet or on the side of the cabinet wall.   

STORAGE WITH STYLE® Metal Soft-close Pullout Basket
Pullout Baskets provide easy access to washer and dryer supplies

The Storage with Style line features an optional pilaster system that can be used to stack multiple baskets in lower cabinets.  Multiple baskets can be used to create a cabinet theme—for example, a pet cabinet.  Store heavier items like pet food or kitty litter on the bottom shelf while using upper shelves to store pet treats, toys, leashes, shampoos, brushes—anything your pet needs.  Best of all, the Storage with Style organizers feature acrylic shelf liners that are easy to remove and clean, so spills are never a problem. 

Pullout Baskets keep pet supplies at bay
Metal Pullout Baskets are easy-to-install and perfect for storing pet supplies

Consolidating cleaning supplies is a great idea, and it’s easy to do when you install a Cleaning Supply Caddy Pullout in the laundry room.  Heavy-duty wire construction and 100 lb. full-extension slides provide stability and durability. Plastic tray liners protect the cabinet from spills and are easy to clean.  No more having multiple cleaning products in various rooms of the house! This removable cleaning caddy easily transports your supplies throughout the house.

This cleaning caddy rests on a wire frame pullout to easily pull out of the cabinet, then caddy is removable to take to whatever room it is needed in
This cleaning caddy rests on a wire frame pullout to easily pull out of the cabinet, then the caddy is removable to take to whatever room it is needed in


Lighted Power Strip adds power and light in the laundry room
Installing a Lighted Power Strip in the laundry room adds power and light where you need it most

Whether removing a stain, ironing a shirt, or steaming a suit, easy access to light and power is a must-have laundry room feature.  The patented Lighted Power Strip from TASK Lighting™ provides light and power in a single fixture that is installed discretely under a cabinet or shelving.  The superior performance of LED lighting and flexibility of multiple power receptacles without cutting into a beautiful backsplash make the Lighted Power Strip a smart addition to any laundry room.  Learn more at


Do you have some clever hacks for the laundry room?  Let us know!  Comment below. 

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