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Quality Cabinet Solutions Without the Wait

If there is one universal truth about the Covid pandemic, it is that people spent more time at home during the last two years.  Many homeowners found they needed to improve the functionality of their space to make it more suitable for their lifestyle.  The result has been a boom in home remodeling for everything from DIY projects to major home remodels. Whether remodeling a kitchen, bath, family room or home office, cabinetry was often a central component of the project. While this was initially good news for designers and custom cabinet makers, many quickly found themselves overwhelmed. Adding to their challenges were rising costs for lumber and supply chain issues. Meeting the challenge meant considering alternatives to custom cabinetry like NorthPoint Cabinetry.

northpoint cabinetry drawer
NorthPoint Cabinetry features premium quality dovetail drawer boxes
Launched by Hardware Resources in 2019, NorthPoint Cabinetry offers the cabinet solutions industry professionals trust when custom cabinetry is not feasible due to labor, timing or cost issues. While not a replacement for custom cabinetry, NorthPoint Cabinetry helps fill the gap for many residential home projects from kitchens to baths, home offices to laundry rooms. Available in a range of the most popular finishes that can be mixed and matched, NorthPoint Cabinetry gives designers the flexibility to create spaces with style and functionality.
northpoint cabinetry expresso
NorthPoint Cabinetry in Polar White and Espresso creates drama.
NorthPoint Cabinetry quality starts with premium-grade lumber and designs that incorporate durability. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure the cabinets meet the highest quality standards.  Interior hidden reinforcements, like solid wood corner blocks and strategically placed pocket screws, help reinforce the structural integrity of the cabinet, so it stands the test of time.  NorthPoint Cabinetry interiors are clean and finished with no visible fasteners, similar to quality custom cabinetry.
kitchen with slate and white cabinets
NorthPoint Cabinetry’s Slate finish adds earthy elegance while the Polar White finish adds balance and brightness.
NorthPoint Cabinetry’s QuickBuild™ engineering is another valuable feature for cabinet makers who need to keep their skilled labor working on custom projects while providing a hands-on experience for less skilled employees. The QuickBuild designation refers to the innovative engineering that makes NorthPoint Cabinetry fast and easy to assemble with minimal tools or experience.  During in-house product testing, most individuals were able to assemble a cabinet in under eight minutes.
NorthPoint Cabinetry combined with organizers from Hardware Resources in the bath provides style and functionality.

NorthPoint Cabinetry combines quality materials, smart engineering, and a clean finish inside and out making them the ideal solution for any cabinetry project. Available nationwide and shipping from strategically located warehouses, most orders ship within days.  Learn more.

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