2018: The Year of Organization

Last month we gave you a sneak peek at what was coming down the pike for organizers from Hardware Resources at KBIS 2018. Now that KBIS is in the rearview mirror and we’ve written 2018 enough times this month for the calendar year change to finally sink in, let’s delve a little deeper into the subject of organization and what you can do to help your clients, especially if they’re in the market for a new kitchen or bath this year.

Image1-KBIS 11
Hardware Resources’ display booth showcasing organizers at KBIS 2018

Does this sound familiar?

In the kitchen they’ve convinced themselves the countertops are for storing things – but only temporarily.

In the bath they like to think it might look a mess, but at least they know where everything is – ‘cause they can see everything.

In the closet it’s understood in their mind that no one will ever step foot in it, except them – until someone does.

The reality is they’ve gotten used to clutter, and they know it – sort of.

And the worst part is old habits will continue, even in that shiny new kitchen and bath. So what’s a designer to do? Check out these smart organizers from Hardware Resources that they’ll love and that will keep your work looking fresh for years to come:

Clever Built-Ins Keep the Kitchen Clutter-Free and Organized

Cabinet Organizers by Hardware Resources

When the bed is made, the bedroom seems bigger and well appointed. The same goes for the kitchen. Keeping countertops clear of clutter leaves more room for food prep, setting out a buffet, or even just opening up space that gives family and friends a place to lean on while keeping the cook company. The trick is to keep kitchen gear and ingredients hidden while simultaneously having them within easy reach, and the following organizers from Hardware Resources are pros at doing just that.

  • The original “No Wiggle” Base Cabinet Pullout boasts four shelves (two are adjustable) and patented hardware that eliminates side-to-side movement and sag. That means this 24 x 22-inch pullout is up to the task of storing heavy bottles, cans, jars, and boxes of food out of sight until needed. Choose from four widths: 5½, 8½, 11½, and 14½ inches.
Image3-BPO2 installed
“No Wiggle” Base Cabinet Pullout
  • The “No Wiggle” Utensil Bin Base Cabinet Pullout keeps kitchen tools ready for action, yet off the counter, with a top shelf that holds four 6¼-inch deep stainless-steel bins. An open bottom shelf accommodates small appliances and other kitchen gear that needs extra clearance space. At 8½ X 24 X 22 inches, this slim cabinet is a natural choice for the cooking or baking zone.
“No Wiggle” Utensil Bin Base Cabinet Pullout
  • The “No Wiggle” Under Drawer Base Cabinet Pullout adds valuable wiggle-free storage beneath a cabinet drawer. Like other members of the “No Wiggle” family, this 20 X 22-inch pullout boasts concealed undermount slides, and a 225-lb slide on top for added strength and stability. Packaged food stays put. And everything can be seen at a glance. Choose the width: 5 or 8 inches.
“No Wiggle” Under Drawer Base Cabinet Pullout
  • Although not part of the “No Wiggle” family, both the Easy 360 Susan and Soft-close Mixer/Appliance Lift translate awkward space into useful storage. The Easy 360 Susan, a 30-inch-diameter corner-cabinet management system made of polished chrome, rotates 360 degrees to the right or left to provide total access to everything stored inside. The spring-loaded Soft-close Mixer/Appliance Lift raises a stand mixer, blender, or food processor from a base cabinet to either counter height or two inches below counter height. The lift locks into place to keep a powerful small appliance steady while in use.
Easy 360 Susan


Image5-ML-1CH in use
Soft-close Mixer/Appliance Lift


Polished Pullout Maintains a Vanity’s Good Looks

Bathrooms, like kitchens, present a more efficient and peaceful aura when the sink deck and vanity top stay clear and clean. Blow dryers, curling irons, hair products, and makeup need a place to call their own when not being used—which is the purpose behind the “No Wiggle” Vanity-height Cabinet Pullout.

No Wiggle Vanity-Height Cabinet Pullout including optional drop-in Grooming Organizer with stainless-steel canisters and dividers

Designed to fit vanity cabinets, this 19-inch-deep, three-shelf pullout adds nearly 450 square inches of storage space for grooming gear. And for those that believe the proverb, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place,’ two optional accessories make it possible for newfound neatniks to further organize.

  • Customize the pullout with a 9-inch-deep Grooming Organizer Insert that includes divided storage for hair accessories and three stainless-steel canisters to hold hair-styling appliances.


Grooming Organizer Insert
  • A Divided Acrylic Top Tray inserts into the pullout’s top shelf to organize makeup or jewelry. Smooth, soft-close slides keep fingers from being pinched. And the discrete storage space helps maintain the bathroom’s status as personal retreat.


Divided Acrylic Top Tray


Ingenious Closet Accessories Make a Wardrobe Easier to Maintain

Clothing, shoes, and accessories take a big bite out of the budget. And without a valet or a maid on the payroll, it’s hard to keep a wardrobe looking its best when closet space comes at a premium. Check out these key closet organizers to solve wardrobe dilemmas and regain time otherwise lost in the morning searching for garments.

  • No one wants to iron in the morning when family life is at its most hectic. That’s why wardrobes need the 14” Pullout Pant Rack. Tubular arms keep draped pants and slacks from wrinkling. And the arms are spaced far enough apart to accommodate garments made of bulky wool or corduroy. Choose from three widths: 18”, 24”, and 30” (with 9, 13, and 16 arms, respectively) and three on-trend finishes: Dark Bronze, Satin Nickel, and Polished Chrome. Add a matching 14” Belt Rack and 14” Tie Rack so accessorizing is quick and easy.
14” Pullout Pant Rack


14” Belt Rack


14” Tie Rack
  • Keep footwear in plain sight—and off the floor—with the 61” Rotating Shoe and Boot Rack for Closet System. The rack holds over 20 pairs of footwear to make it easy to find heels, flats, or boots at a glance. The height is adjustable from 53½ to 61⅜ inches. The wire is finished in Polished Chrome with a Silver Powder coated frame.
Rotating Shoe and Boot Rack for Closet System

We’d love to hear from you. We invite interior designers as well as design-savvy homeowners to share their innovative organization tips for the kitchen, bath, or closet. Until next time.

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