One Hardware, Three Ways

Kitchen designer Rosa Moreno is an expert in finding balance—mixing trendy looks with lasting elegance, classic flair with contemporary clean lines, and stylish form with practical function. So, it’s no surprise that she incorporated Belcastel hardware, from Hardware Resources’ Jeffrey Alexander brand, into three recent kitchen designs. Belcastel is also about balance, providing the perfect transitional finish for nearly any kitchen by pairing seemingly gentle curves with the slightest modern edge.

Rosa Moreno Sage Modern Kitchen
Kitchen designer Rosa Moreno incorporates Belcastel by Jeffrey Alexander cabinet hardware into recent projects

Woodstock Kitchen Offers Elegant Simplicity

When a Woodstock, Georgia, family asked Moreno to update their dated, country-style kitchen into a clean, elegant space, the designer opened up the room by removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen and shifting the refrigerator, oven, and cooktop to make room for a larger island. Bright white cabinets and stainless steel appliances bring a fresh appeal, while the mirrored backsplash adds just a touch of eye-catching vintage luxury. Hardware Resources’ Tray Divider Pullout and “No Wiggle” 8” Base Cabinet Pullout help keep the space organized.


Rosa Moreno Kitchens -Singer
Hardware Resources base cabinet pullout organizers and cabinet decorative hardware

The designer finished the look with the Belcastel cabinet pulls and knobs; the profile’s blending of grace and modernity are perfect for completing the kitchen’s sophisticated vibe.


Rosa Moreno Kitchens -Singer
Belcastel cabinet pulls and knobs

“I love the simplicity of the Belcastel hardware profile—it’s not too modern, not too traditional, but just the perfect balance! That is why I am so drawn to this style,” Moreno says, noting that the light reflection on the Polished Chrome added to the elegant feel of this kitchen.


Rosa Moreno Kitchens -Singer
Belcastel cabinet pull in Polished Chrome

Large Family Gets Organized

The homeowners for this kitchen wanted more functionality in their floor plan and more storage for their family of six. Moreno removed the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, moved appliances, and added a larger window to bring in more light. To increase organization, she installed an array of cabinet and drawer inserts, including Hardware Resources’ “No Wiggle” 11” Base Cabinet Pullout, Spice Tray Organizer for Drawers, Drawer Organizer Insert Cutlery Tray, Lazy Susan, Preassembled Rollout Drawer in the pantry, Tray Divider above the fridge, Knife Organizer Drawer Insert, Peg Board Drawer Insert, and lots of drawers.


Rosa Moreno Sage Modern Kitchen
“No Wiggle” 11” Base Cabinet Pullout

“I believe organization is the key to efficiency and sanity, which is why I love to use as many cabinet pullouts in my designs as I can,” Moreno says. “When everything has a designated place, your brain does not need to work to find the items, and that gives you more time to enjoy the process of cooking.”

Moreno played with color for this kitchen, pairing white walls and gold accents on the geometric pendant lights with trendy gray cabinets along the perimeter and a contrasting espresso hue on the island and vent hood.

Like the Woodstock kitchen, the Belcastel cabinet pulls offered the perfect balance of sleek and edgy, well-suited to the contrasting color scheme. “My client fell in love with the hardware’s Brushed Pewter finish, and we decided to use pulls on all doors and drawers,” Moreno says.


Rosa Moreno Sage Modern Kitchen
Belcastel cabinet pulls paired with trendy gray cabinets
Rosa Moreno Sage Modern Kitchen
Belcastel in Brushed Pewter
Rosa Moreno Sage Modern Kitchen
Contrasting espresso hue with Belcastel

Roswell Farmhouse Kitchen

Tired of their cramped, dark kitchen, Moreno’s Roswell, Georgia, clients sought to move the cooktop off of the island to create more workspace while updating the look of the room to be cleaner and more streamlined. Grappling with the small space, Moreno eliminated the island entirely, which had been interrupting the flow. She opted for a wide peninsula instead, using Hardware Resources’ Preassembled 35 Quart Double Pullout Waste Container System to keep trash cans out of the way and out of sight. Along with these elements, Moreno used a unique textured tile for the backsplash and a marble-like quartz countertop for visual interest.


Rosa Moreno Kitchens - Roswell
Preassembled 35 Quart Double Pullout Waste Container System

Moreno once again turned to Belcastel, adding both knobs and pulls in Brushed Pewter.


Rosa Moreno Kitchens - Roswell
Belcastel knobs and pulls


Rosa Moreno Kitchens - Roswell
Belcastel knobs and pulls in Brushed Pewter

The designer’s decision to use Belcastel in all three kitchens is a testament to the profile’s versatility, with a juxtaposition of soft lines and a hint of sharpness suitable for many styles. It also reflects Moreno’s history with the brand. “I’ve been using Hardware Resources for about seven years,” she says. “I love the quality of their products, and the new finishes and designs they present every year are always keeping up with the trends.”

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