Thoughtful Accessories Make Organization Easy—and Stylish

From Marie Kondo to the growing preference toward sleek, modern design, homeowners across America are on a decluttering kick, eager to rid their lives of unnecessary stuff. For designers, this means providing ample—and creative—storage to help their clients clear their countertops.

A full set of cabinets with traditional shelves and plain drawers will no longer cut it; that simply moves a disorganized pile behind closed doors. To truly get organized, designers should incorporate accessories specifically designed to provide a place for everything (and everything in its place). Luckily, sacrifices no longer have to be made. A proliferation of fresh options allows homeowners to stash their things not only with ease but also with style.

Case in point: Hardware Resources’ STORAGE WITH STYLE® organizer collection includes a Hanging Pan Organizer with Lid Storage, Wire Base Pullout, Trashcan Pullout, and Wire Pullout Basket and Pilaster Kit—with matching, modern looks alongside flexible functionality.

Black Nickel and Polished Chrome finish options

Eye-Catching Organizers

Out of sight does not have to (nor should it) equal ugly. Each Storage with Style organizer boasts clean, sleek curved flat wire design details, ensuring not only an eye-catching look, but a cohesive aesthetic around the kitchen.
Two on-trend finishes, Polished Chrome and Black Nickel, coordinate expertly with other design elements such as cabinet hardware and faucets, or can be contrasted for a more bold statement. The finishes are plated—rather than powder-coated—for a long-lasting, upscale look.

Problem-Solving Storage

Form truly meets function in the Storage with Style collection, with accessories carefully appointed to meet the unique challenges in each area of the kitchen.


Pots and Skillets Organizer
Hanging Pan Organizer with Lid Storage

For example, the line’s Hanging Pan Organizer with Lid Storage wrangles these unwieldy wares with interchangeable, adjustable hooks that keep pans from banging together and an integrated lid organizer to keep the right covers close at hand. The modular format allows homeowners to completely customize the system to their individual needs. And because the organizer pulls out on smooth slides, gone are the days of endless bending and reaching trying to find a match.


Pull-out Organizer
Wire Base Pullout

Similar convenience can be found in the Wire Base Pullout which transforms a narrow, cavernous abyss into a functional storage space. Two heights available; full-height and reduced height for cabinets with a drawer. The three shelves, which glide on smooth, soft-closing slides, feature “No Wiggle” technology that doesn’t jostle the goods. Plus, removable acrylic liners make for easy cleaning.


Pantry Organizer
Wire Pullout Basket

For smaller staples, add a Wire Pullout Basket and Pilaster Kit for cabinets which features wire pullout baskets in 14-, 20- or 26-inch widths—perfect for canned goods, spices, and other oft-used items that can crowd the counter. The optional pilaster system allows homeowners to stack multiple 6-inch-high baskets and configure to their specific needs. Liners are available for this unit, too.


Trash Can Organizer
Metal Double Trashcan Pullout

Finally, the Metal Single Trashcan Pullout and Metal Double Trashcan Pullout help keep refuse and recycling out of sight but not out of reach. The 35-quart trash cans slide on smooth, soft-closing slides, and the included liner is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. A double 50-quart option also is available for bigger families. Six-way adjustable door-mounting brackets are included.


Closed Doors Scene
STORAGE with STYLE®, an aesthetically stylish way for designers to help clients keep their countertops clear

A Place for Everything

Cabinets that are cavernous wastelands don’t do much to solve homeowners’ organizational issues—they simply pile clutter out of sight (but hardly out of mind). Smart kitchen designers should consider accessories early in the design process, which will more easily allow for tailoring options to clients’ individual priorities.
The Storage with Style collection provides not just practical solutions to meet those everyday needs, but ensures they also look the part with modern, cohesive designs that add to – rather than take away from – a designer’s overall vision.

Learn more about STORAGE with STYLE® collection under Home/Organizers/Cabinet Organizers.

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