Choose a "No Wiggle" pullout to fit your client's individual needs

Create WOW with Organizers That Shine

Any professional designer will tell you that the difference between good and great design is in the details. But what does that mean? Are there specific things you can do to make sure the details of your designs truly shine?


Providing solutions to problems your client hasn’t even considered is key when creating that WOW moment. Creating a functional and organized space has become the standard in today’s designs. As the need for these spaces increases, so do your clients’ expectations. But what happens when the details that are meant to make your client’s space more functional fail or are not up to the standard they imagined? It is likely to decrease your client’s satisfaction with the overall design.

Choose a "No Wiggle" pullout to fit your client's individual needs
“No Wiggle” Cabinet Pullouts are available in an array of styles to fit your client’s individual needs

One way to avoid this possible design faux pas is to choose quality organizers that are built to last with features that cater to each client’s individual and evolving needs. By incorporating elements that enhance your client’s satisfaction over the long term, you’ll have a happy client who will provide lots of referrals. Innovative products like patented “No Wiggle” organizer solutions from Hardware Resources are an excellent way to elevate your project from good to great without blowing the budget.

What makes a great pullout?
“No Wiggle” pullouts are the sturdiest pullout on the market and are competitively priced

The patented “No Wiggle” line features premium soft-close undermount slides and a patented top-mounting bracket with heavy-duty slide. These features combine to eliminate annoying side-to-side movement and sag commonly seen in other pullouts.  Whether designing a kitchen or bath, “No Wiggle” pullouts provide features your clients will love to live with for years to come.

"No Wiggle" Base Cabinet Pullout
The “No Wiggle” Base Cabinet Pullout is great for storing everyday items

In the kitchen, the Base Cabinet Pullout is ideal for storing spices and other cooking essentials that are used by cooks daily.  The Tray Divider Pullout provides easy-access storage for cookie and baking sheets.   The Utensil Pullout is ideal for storing cooking utensils when drawer space is limited.  Designed for upper cabinets, the Wall Pullout is great for storing spices and keeping them within easy reach.

"No Wiggle" Knife Organizer Pullout

"No Wiggle" Knife Organizer Pullout
The “No Wiggle” Knife Organizer Pullout keeps knifes sharper by minimizing blade contact

The newest addition to the “No Wiggle” line is the Magnetic Knife Organizer Pullout. It has a double-sided magnetic bar with 31.5” of knife storage space that can accommodate blades up to 9” with a 6” handle.  It not only keeps knife blades sharp and secure, it keeps them from cluttering the countertop.   Like all “No Wiggle” pullouts, the Knife Organizer Pullout ships fully assembled with a magnetic bar, steak knife insert, plastic cutting board, and open bottom shelf for additional storage.

"No Wiggle" Vanity Pullout

"No Wiggle" Vanity Pullout
Tame bathroom clutter with the “No Wiggle” Vanity Pullout

In the bath, the “No Wiggle” Vanity Pullout ends the challenge of searching for personal care items lost under the sink.  It is designed for easy storage and access to bath items. The Vanity Grooming Organizer Insert features stainless steel canisters for hair styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons.  It also has two adjustable shelves to store additional hair styling or tools.  It’s a stylist’s dream!

All “No Wiggle” products are shipped fully assembled with slides pre-installed so installation is fast and easy.  Learn about the complete line of Hardware Resources patented “No Wiggle” organizer pullouts at where you can watch videos and download technical specification documents.

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