Tunable White Cabinet Lighting: Flexibility by Design

Cabinet lighting is one of the most important and challenging design elements in any space.   Clients are already overwhelmed by the myriad of decisions they must make regarding everything from materials, textures, colors, styles, so the lighting question is probably the most challenging for them to express an opinion on.  Even for professional designers, the question of how best to light counter and cabinet spaces can be difficult because the natural light in the space, combined with the cabinet, tile, and wall color, can dramatically affect how light feels in a space.  What is needed to address this challenge is a flexible lighting solution that allows designers and clients to make the cabinet lighting decision after the project is complete.  TASK Lighting’s Tunable White Lighting Series featuring TandemLED™  technology provides that flexibility and makes it easy to offer personalized cabinet lighting for any project.

Tunable White Lighting from TASK Lighting features patented TandemLED technology that simplifies the installation and operation of a flexible lighting solution.  The Tunable White Lighting Series enables control of white light color temperature, dimming level, and even scheduling.  Choose from four pre-set temperature settings — Warm White (2700K), Soft White (3000K), Cool White (4000K), and Daylight White (5000K) or any white light color temperature in between — to put your design in its best light.  Select the dimming level on a scale of 1 to 100 to create a truly personalized lighting experience for the space on demand using a simple remote.  

Integrating Tunable White Lighting with smart home apps or voice-controlled devices like Amazon Alexa can be done with ease using a WAV Smart Receiver.  The WAV Smart Receiver enables the lights to be added to a client’s existing smart home app – no additional apps to download or keep updated.  Just add the Tunable White Lighting to any smart home control app, and you’re ready to change light settings on-demand or set up schedules the suit your client’s lifestyle. 

Creating a well-thought-out lighting design for cabinet areas can have a major impact on the overall success of the project.  The Design Services Team at TASK Lighting acts as free personal design assistants who provide design services and technical support for all of your TASK Lighting and Power projects. They are an excellent resource to help you incorporate Tunable White Lighting into your next project. Contact them at (866) 848-9094 or email DesignAndSupport@TaskLighting.com.











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