2023 Kitchen Trends


The kitchen has long been the heart of the home, but in recent years designing kitchens that combine style and multi-use functionality has become more important than ever to homeowners.  As a manufacturer of a wide range of kitchen products including cabinetry, organizers, lighting, and decorative hardware, we keep up with the latest trends to help us develop products that solve problems and add value.  After reviewing NKBA’s 2023 Design Trends report and attending KBIS 2023, we are sharing some of the most interesting trends in kitchen design that are expected to dominate this year. 


Bring elements from nature inside the kitchen with big picture windows and cabinets with a natural wood finish.

Modern kitchen design is bringing together multiple trends to create spaces that reflect the values of the homeowners.  The farmhouse style, which has been popular for the past decade, is evolving away from a rustic look into a clean-line modern farmhouse style that includes contemporary and nature-inspired elements.  Designers are choosing manufactured Quartz and Quartzite countertops that offer the look of natural stone but are more durable.   A popular renovation is to replace grid-style windows with large picture windows that provide more natural light and make spaces feel more open. Bringing nature indoors not only brings beauty to a space but can also enhance a homeowner’s lifestyle.  In the kitchen, many designers are including window herb gardens in designs to provide fresh ingredients for meals and add greenery to the space.   


Create an elevated space by layering under-cabinet, interior-cabinet, island, cove, and toe-kick lighting in the kitchen.

Designers are elevating their designs by incorporating lighting that allows the kitchen space to match the homeowner’s lifestyle and mood.  Two of the most popular trends are under-cabinet and interior-cabinet lighting, which add both ambiance and functionality.  Recessed and pendant lighting are the designer’s choice over chandeliers when it comes to offering clients an updated, highly functional solution.  Tunable-white lighting, an innovation in LED lighting, is expected to grow in popularity with designers, since it allows homeowners to sync color temperature to the rhythms of everyday life. When designing for clients planning to age in place, many designers are incorporating toe kick lighting and motion-activated sensors for safety.   


21″ Double Drawer Bottle Rollout from Hardware Resources

Designing spaces that preserve an open feel while keeping kitchen tools close at hand is a real challenge.  Designers are using their creativity to find ways to isolate and conceal clutter. Organization solutions that maximize pantry space have become a big focus for storing food, cookware, and small appliances.  Rollout drawers in cabinets and specialized inserts for drawers were once nice to have” items, now they are becoming must-have” features.  Walk-in and built-in butler pantries are growing in popularity with homeowners who want to keep clutter out of the heart of their home.   

To learn more about the 2023 NKBA kitchen design trends report, visit nkba.org. 

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