Pink walls and floors with punk bathtub and greenery in the background.

2023 Bathroom Trends That Shine

At the recent KBIS show in Las Vegas, we saw a wide range of exciting trends that offer not only style but also increased functionality for bath spaces. Beautiful designs featuring color and patterns alongside technology innovations that offer convenience and safety made the show a delight for designers looking for ways to create personalized spaces for clients. Here are some highlights from the show.


Colored toilets on display at KBIS 2023
Kohler Booth at KBIS 2023, Las Vegas

One theme that could not be missed was the use of color in the bath, and we aren’t just talking about paint! Color was everywhere, from sinks and tubs to toilets, bidets, and bath vanities. Nothing uplifts a space like adding color, and it’s clear bath designers agree!


Remote home control system on a digital smart phone tablet. Device with app icons. Interior of minimalist white bathroom in the background, architecture design.

As technology continues to advance, it’s no surprise we are seeing smart features in the bath space. Toilets with advanced technology features like self-cleaning functions and deodorizers are increasingly popular. Eco-friendly smart showers allow users to precisely control water temperature and pressure with ease. Motion sensor lighting control is another energy-saving innovation that has gotten an upgrade. Instead of using “line of sight” motion sensors, there are options to use Doppler motion sensors which have a wider field of view. That means no more worrying that the light will turn off while you’re in the shower!


Bathroom drawer open with hair dyer and curling iron that is plugged into outlet inside of the drawer.
Powered Vanity Drawer from Hardware Resources

Managing styling appliances creates a real challenge. These everyday-use items need to be easily accessed and convenient to use but kept off vanity tops to keep spaces safe and tidy. Clever innovations like powered vanity drawers offer defined storage spaces with power outlets for heated styling products. Best of all, these solutions also feature an automatic shut-off switch which eliminates the nagging question “did I turn off the curling iron?”


Neutral bathroom with gold accents and gold geometric wallpaper. The bathroom vanity is white with gold trim and a dark top.
Percival 36” Vanity in White with Blue Limestone Top

Want to have a unique look but not ready to commit to a lavender toilet? No problem! Designers are making bold statements in small spaces with wallpaper. Patterns featuring geometric shapes, metallic touches, floral themes, and more allow spaces to be truly personalized to a client’s taste. This is a trend that is likely here to stay because it’s easy to evolve and change the decor to match a mood or season.


Dark and moody bathroom with gold leaf wallpaper and deer wall sconces. The vanity is black with a white top.
Katara 42″ Vanity in Black with Artic Stone Top

Homeowners expect more from their bath space, and designers are responding with thoughtful solutions built to last. One area that has seen a dramatic upgrade is the bath vanity. New styles and designs are being featured in bath showrooms and design centers because they provide an opportunity to complete a project with a quality furniture vanity instead of waiting for custom cabinetry. Manufacturers are making it easy to select from a range of styles, sizes, tops, and bowl shapes to create a look that mimics custom cabinetry but ships quickly from the manufacturer and installs with ease.

It’s exciting to see how designers are embracing color, technology, and quality to create bath spaces that clients will love to come to.

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